What Are Some Treatment Options for Post-Concussion Syndrome?


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There is not a primary treatment for post-concussion syndrome, but treatments that ease the symptoms include amitriptyline, topiramate and gabapentin for headaches. Cognitive therapy for thinking and memory problems, psychotherapy and antidepressants for depression associated with post-concussion syndrome are also treatments, according to Mayo Clinic.

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Post-concussion syndrome commonly refers to symptoms caused by a concussion or mild traumatic brain injury. Dizziness, fatigue, headache, memory problems and vertigo are some symptoms of post-concussion syndrome, claims Healthline.

Amitriptyline is commonly used for post-traumatic injuries that include symptoms of irritability, dizziness and depression. Topiramate is effective for reducing migraines, while gabapentin treats many types of pain caused by head injuries. Cognitive therapy, such as focused rehab and relaxation therapy, helps with memory problems, claims Mayo Clinic.

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