What Are Treatment Options for Perioral Dermatitis?


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Typical treatment options for perioral dermatitis include nonsteroidal antibacterial creams as well as antibiotics. Perioral dermatitis sees aggravation from certain medicines, including steroid creams. Upon receiving a diagnosis of perioral dermatitis, most patients make changes in their lifestyles and habits, including switching to gentle soaps and face washes in addition to taking prescribed medicine.

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Perioral dermatitis takes the shape of a facial rash. It generally appears first around the mouth, causing scaly or flaky skin, along with red bumps. This type of dermatitis may present a burning or itching sensation. Eventually, it can spread upwards to other areas of the face, such as the nose and cheeks. Perioral dermatitis occurs most often in women, and less frequently in children and men. According to the American Osteopathic College of Dermatology, the exact reasons for the rise of this condition remain unknown. However, dermatologists agree that regardless of cause, this type of dermatitis responds to specific treatments. Using mild soaps or gentle facial cleansers generally alleviates symptoms. Refraining from heavy creams and facial oils abates symptoms too. When washing the face, people with perioral dermatitis avoid scrubbing skin, as doing so causes irritation. For severe causes, eliminating use of fluorinated toothpaste helps too. Most people take antibiotics for this dermatitis, following a prescribed course and repeating treatment in time whenever dermatitis reappears.

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