What Are Treatment Options for Patients With an Inflamed Bladder?


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Treatment options for an inflamed bladder include bladder instillation, bladder distention, surgery and nerve stimulation, according to WebMD. Medications are also used to help treat the condition.

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An inflamed bladder, also known as interstitial cystitis, can be treated by being stretched or distended, explains WebMD. This can be done through bladder instillation and bladder distention. During bladder instillation, liquid medications that reduce inflammation are pushed into the bladder, filling and stretching it. After 15 minutes, the liquid is then voided. During bladder distention, liquids are used to stretch the bladder as well, but these do not contain medications. This helps to relieve pain.

Nerve stimulation is another possible treatment that uses electricity to stimulate the nerves, states WebMD. This process blocks the pain signals and strengthens bladder muscles. Surgery is another option if the other treatments do not relieve the pain and frequent urge to urinate.

Lifestyle changes can help to reduce the pain and treat the inflammation, advises WebMD. Some foods such as tomatoes, citrus, chocolate, caffeine and alcohol should be avoided as they can make the situation worse. An individual should also manage stress, which can affect interstitial cystitis. In some cases the bladder and pelvic muscles can be strengthened through exercises to reduce symptoms.

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