What Are Some Treatment Options for Pathological Lying?


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A therapist must find the root cause and determine the type of pathological lying for treatment to be established. A pathological liar's treatment includes making an effort to not lie, record all lies, and understand why each lie was told, according to Achieve Solutions.

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Pathological lying stems from other disorders or reasons such as low self-esteem, narcissism, or borderline personality disorder per Achieve Solutions. The therapist determines a root cause when the patient is open. This enables the therapist to establish a treatment plan. A therapist engages in role-playing or prescribes medications.

When the urge to tell a story arises the patient must refrain from lying to treat pathological lying. A pathological liar thinks about why he told a lie. Was the lie to gain attention, for personal pleasure, or to hide what he is truly doing? For treatment, a pathological liars notes every lie told, regardless of how small the lie is, suggests Achieve Solutions.

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