What Are the Treatment Options for Pain Inside the Knee?


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Some treatment options for pain in the knee include medications, therapy, injections and surgery. Knee pain is a fairly common occurrence that affects people of all ages and gender, notes MedicineNet.

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What Are the Treatment Options for Pain Inside the Knee?
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In cases of mild knee pain, individuals may find relief by simply resting. Applying compresses for a few minutes may equally help in relieving the pain. If the pain is severe, it may be necessary to pay a visit to the doctor. A diagnosis is made by recording medical history and a physical exam. Imaging tests may be used to ascertain the exact cause of the pain and the severity.

Some cases of severe knee pain may be treated by the use of medications. This is often done in cases where gout or arthritis are involved. Therapy that includes exercises to strengthen the knee joints and improve muscle development may be used in certain cases. Injecting drugs such as corticosteroid into the knee may help relieve some symptoms, notes Mayo Clinic. Surgery and use of certain equipment are other options available for treatment.

Knee pain can be caused by a variety of reasons including injury, medical disorders, diseases and overuse. while pain is a major indicator of problems with the knee, other symptoms may also occur depending on the actual cause of the pain. Common symptoms may include redness, inflammation, swelling, knee deformity and difficulty moving the knee.

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