What Are Some Treatment Options for Mouth Ulcers?


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Treatment options for mouth ulcers include applying topical paste to the sores; using certain nutritional supplements; swishing the mouth with a solution of saline water and baking soda; and taking oral steroids, explains Healthline. Stress maintenance is a preventive measure for mouth ulcers.

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What Are Some Treatment Options for Mouth Ulcers?
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A mouth ulcer should naturally heal after a week, but medical consultation may be necessary if the ulcer takes long to heal, according to Healthline. Benzocaine products such as Anbesol and Orajel, which can be found over the counter, may aid in relieving the problem. Putting milk of magnesia and damp tea bags on the ulcer may reduce the symptoms. Vitamin B6, vitamin B12, folic acid and zinc are examples of nutritional supplements that can cure the ulcer.

A person suffering from a mouth ulcer may use a chemical cauterizer such as silver nitrate to burn the wound, reports Healthline. The application of ice may also cure the problem. The patient can apply a paste of baking powder on the sore to alleviate pain. Natural remedies such as myrrh, chamomile tea, licorice and echinacea can also relieve mouth ulcers.

To prevent the problem, eat whole grains and cut down on acidic fruits, including pineapples and citrus fruits, states Healthline. Spicy foods, chips and nuts may trigger or worsen the ulcer, so avoiding them may heal or prevent the problem respectively. Closing the mouth while chewing food, good oral cleanliness and brushing teeth with a tender toothbrush may stop ulcers from developing.

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