What Are the Treatment Options for Morton's Neuroma?


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The treatment for Morton's neuroma depends on the severity of the condition, but it typically includes therapy, injections and surgery, according to Mayo Clinic. Therapy is usually the first step before invasive procedures are considered.

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For most patients with Morton's neuroma, doctors suggest buying arch supports and foot pads that fit inside of the shoe, reports Mayo Clinic. These are found over the counter at many stores, such as drug stores and department stores. If store-bought inserts do not help, a doctor may suggest a custom insert that is molded to the patent's foot.

If these conservative treatments do not work, a doctor may suggest invasive treatments, states Mayo Clinic. Steroid injections are used as a first attempt at treatment following the inserts. If that does not work, a doctor may suggest a surgical procedure known as decompression surgery. In this case, a surgeon relieves the pain-causing pressure in the foot by cutting some of the structures, such as ligaments. The last resort for most patients is the removal of the Morton's neuroma from the foot through surgery. Though this type of surgery is considered a successful treatment, the procedure may leave permanent numbness in the toes that were affected by the Morton's neuroma.

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