What Are Some Treatment Options for Metatarsal Foot Pain?


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Treatment options for metatarsal foot pain include resting the foot, wearing shoes that fit properly, applying ice to the affected area or taking certain over-the-counter pain killers, according to Mayo Clinic. Surgery is necessary for severe foot pain.

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Patients with metatarsalgia should raise the affected leg especially after walking or standing for long periods to alleviate inflammation and pain, explains Mayo Clinic. Ibuprofen such as Advil and Motrin IB, aspirin or naproxen sodium, including Aleve, can minimize symptoms. Exercises such as cycling and swimming may aid in reducing the pain.

Individuals with metatarsal pain should consult their doctors prior to buying or wearing shoes, advises Mayo Clinic. Patients should use inner soles that can absorb shock to reduce friction of the foot against the shoe. Placing metatarsal pads between the metatarsal bone and the shoe may also reduce symptoms. Fitting custom-made arch supports in the shoes may keep away stress from the painful area and control movement in the foot joints.

In ice therapy, patients should put ice in thin towels and apply it on the pain site for 20 minutes as needed, explains Mayo Clinic. For severe conditions, such as hammertoe, surgery is done to align the bones. To prevent metatarsal foot pain, individuals should control their weight and stop engaging in difficult activities after injuries.

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