What Are the Treatment Options for Levoscoliosis?


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Physicians use three different treatments for levoscoliosis: observation, braces and surgery, according to Spine-Health. When observing, physicians measure the spine at regular intervals to determine if the patient requires further treatment. A patient whose spine is not yet mature wears a brace to stop the progression of the curve. In more advanced cases, surgeons realign the spine with a surgery that corrects the curvature and prevents further progression.

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Levoscoliosis is a spinal curvature to the left and is most common in the lumbar spine, which is the lower section of the spine, states Spine-Health. Levoscoliosis rarely occurs in the middle or upper part of the spine, and if it occurs in these regions, it may mean there is also a spinal tumor. Physicians measure scoliosis every four to six months, and if it progresses more than 5 degrees between measurements, the spine needs further corrective measures.

Patients wear back braces when their skeleton has not reached full maturity and the spine has a curvature of 25 degrees or more, notes Spine-Health. Back braces do not straighten the spine but rather aim to stop further curvature of the growing spine. Surgery is another treatment option for those who have a curvature of 40 to 45 percent or more. Surgery entails removing the muscle from the spine, then screwing rods into the spine to adjust the curvature and prevent future deviation. Bone is then added either from the patient’s hip or a cadaver, and the bones begin to fuse into a proper alignment and continue to fuse for up to a year.

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