What Treatment Options Are There for Itchy Legs?


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Treatment for itchy skin depends on the cause of the irritation, explains WebMD. Treatments vary from changing daily activities to applying topical medications and creams. People are more likely to have the condition if they have dry skin, eczema, allergies, diabetes or are pregnant or elderly.

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In order to successfully treat the itching skin, doctors need to identify and treat any underlying skin conditions or allergic reactions. The doctor may prescribe antihistamines or topical steroid creams to treat affected areas, as stated by WebMD. For severe allergic reactions, steroid pills may be used.

If the skin condition is not related to an allergic reaction but related to dry skin, the best treatment is prevention, according to WebMD. It is recommended that patients shower or bathe in warm water, as hot water dries out the skin. Patients should use a mild soap that is free of fragrance and use creams or lotions to moisturize the skin daily.

It is also recommended that patients with dry skin avoid fabrics such as wool, as these can cause itching, and instead switch to cotton alternatives, explains Everyday Health. Warm, dry air can also make the skin dry, so using a humidifier to put moisture back into the air during the winter months can help.

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