What Are Some Treatment Options for Hypothyroidism?


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Treatment options for hypothyroidism include using the thyroid medicine levothyroxine, in forms such as Levoxyl, Synthroid or Levothroid, states WebMD. Other drugs include Cytomel oral, Westhroid oral and Unithroid oral. Patients should visit their doctors regularly to receive the right dosage.

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Hypothyroidism treatments restore thyroid hormone levels and lower cholesterol levels, notes Mayo Clinic. Patients should take the medicine as directed, as overdosing may cause shaking, sleeping problems and nervousness, as well as chest pain and irregular heartbeats in patients with heart disease. Taking too little medicine can cause weight gain, constipation and a feeling of coldness, explains WebMD. Patients eating foods that may affect the absorption of thyroid medicine, such as iron or calcium supplements, cholestyramine and aluminum hydroxide, should consult their doctors, stresses Mayo Clinic.

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