What Are the Treatment Options for Hip and Groin Pain?


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Several treatment options for people experiencing hip and groin pain include rest, behavior modification, anti-inflammatory mediation, physical therapy and potentially surgery, if there is a labral tear or something equally serious, as stated by the New York Hospital for Special Surgery. Most people experience hip and groin pain that can be treated through nonsurgical means.

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The first step to treatment for hip and groin pain is to visit a doctor. The doctor will diagnose the cause of the pain prescribe medication if necessary. Physical therapy, rest and stretching are typically the best methods of relieving pain and allowing the body to heal.

Sometimes, patients are mistaken about the kind of pain that they are experiencing. They may feel that they are experiencing hip or groin pain when in reality the pain is originating in their back or in their stomach. If the pain is actually coming from the back or the stomach, then patients will need a different treatment.

The labral tear is a more serious kind of hip and groin pain that often requires surgery, according to the New York Hospital for Special Surgery. The tear is often seen in athletes and performers who repeatedly use hip flexion, including runners, soccer players, football players, hockey players and ballet dancers.

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