What Are Some Treatment Options for Hand Warts?


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The treatment options for hand warts include duct tape, freezing and over-the-counter remedies, according to WebMD. Over time, the immune system can help hand warts heal without any treatment. However, the treatment for hand warts may be gradual and the warts may recur despite treatment.

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Duct tape treatment involves laying a duct tape strip over the wart for six days, before removing the tape and soaking the wart in water, WebMD explains. Removing the wart by use of an emory board completes the process, which is done repeatedly until the wart fades away. Duct tape and home remedies only work about half the time or less.

As for freezing, a doctor uses liquid nitrogen to freeze the wart off, WebMD states. Dermatologists also may use lasers or surgery to remove warts or may reinforcing the immune system with an injection to help remove wart-causing viruses.

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