What Are the Treatment Options for Hallux Valgus?


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Hallux valgus treatment may involve changing of shoes, taking certain medications and surgery in severe cases. A hallux valgus is characterized by a deformity of the big toe. This condition often affects more women than men, notes the National Institutes of Health's MedlinePlus.

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A hallux valgus is commonly referred to as a bunion. It is a condition in which an unusual bony hump develops at the base of the big toe, forcing the big toe to point towards the other toes. Individuals born with deformities, those with a family history of bunions and those who wear tight-fitting shoes are at an increased risk of getting a bunion.

Individuals with this condition develop symptoms such as swelling, redness, pain that persists and impaired movement of the big toe. Other symptoms may include thickening of the skin and development of corns.

To treat this condition, doctors often advise patients to adjust the size of their shoes accordingly. The use of certain medications, including ibuprofen and naproxen, to relieve pain is another treatment option. Padding and taping the big toe can help relieve stress and remedy the pain. In severe cases, doctors may have to carry out a surgical procedure. The best way to avoid getting a bunion is by choosing the right size of shoes, according to Mayo Clinic.

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