What Are Some Treatment Options for Gastroparesis?


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Treatment options for gastroparesis include medicine to control vomiting and nausea and medication that stimulates stomach muscles. Changes to diet and surgical treatment are other options, states Mayo Clinic.

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Anti-emetic drugs taken to control vomiting and nausea include diphenhydramine, prochlorperazine and thiethylperazine. At times, medication that contains ondansetron may assist with nausea and vomiting. Medicine used to stimulate the stomach muscles include erythromycin and metoclopramide, notes Mayo Clinic.

A doctor may refer patients to a dietitian, who can recommend foods that are easier for the patient to digest so that he can get adequate nutrients and calories. Some individuals with gastroparesis may not tolerate any liquids or food. In such a situation, a doctor may advise a feeding tube be placed in the small intestine. Alternatively, the doctors may recommend a gastric venting tube, states Mayo Clinic.

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