What Are the Treatment Options for a Fractured Hip?


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Some treatment options for a fractured hip include nonsurgical and surgical procedures. Surgical treatment can be in the form of internal repair, partial hip replacement or total hip replacement, states Mayo Clinic.

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Non-invasive treatment for hip fractures may be recommended for people with mobility problems or those with severe health conditions that make these patients unsuitable to undergo anesthesia, notes the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. Individuals with a fractured hip that has not become displaced may also opt to have nonsurgical therapy.

For the surgical treatment of a broken hip, internal repair involves the insertion of metal screws to stabilize the fracture while the bone mends. Partial hip replacement involves taking out the femur's head and neck and substituting these parts with a prosthesis. Total hip replacement also entails using artificial implants to replace the upper femur and the socket in the pelvis.

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