What Are Some Treatment Options for Foot Fungus?


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Treatment for foot fungus, also known as athlete's foot, includes application of a topical anti-fungal medication, according to WebMD. In severe cases, oral antibiotics may be administered to treat foot fungus.

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What Are Some Treatment Options for Foot Fungus?
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Home remedies to accompany treatment include keeping the feet dry and clean to ward off fungus that often thrives in moist environments, explains WebMD. Preventative measures to ward off potential fungus from developing on the feet include wearing shower shoes or sandals in public showering areas, wearing shoes with openings to allow the feet to breathe, and thoroughly washing feet with soap and water daily. After showering, feet should be dried thoroughly. Applying a foot powder to the feet can also reduce the risk of fungus developing because it reduces the amount of moisture on the feet.

Fungus on the feet or athlete's foot is caused by microscopic fungi that live and thrive on the outer skin layers and dead tissue of the toenails and hair, according to WebMD. Although symptoms vary from one person to the next, the most common symptoms include itching and burning of the skin on the feet and softening or breakdown of the skin, which may include blisters or redness. Some patients may also experience scaling, peeling and cracking of the skin on the feet.

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