What Are Some Treatment Options for Fatty Liver Disease?

What Are Some Treatment Options for Fatty Liver Disease?

Treatment options for fatty liver disease include losing weight, managing cholesterol and controlling blood sugar, according to Healthline. When the condition is caused by drinking too much alcohol, doctors may suggest the patient undergo alcoholism treatment. Lifestyle changes are often recommended.

Many cases of fatty liver disease resolve when the cause is treated, Healthline reports. Most cases are harmless and will not lead to worsening liver disease. Treating high cholesterol, diabetes and obesity will often reverse fatty liver.

If alcoholism is the culprit, stopping drinking may reverse the condition, states Healthine. Usually a liver biopsy must be performed in these cases to determine if the damage is permanent. A biopsy also helps doctors determine a course of treatment.

The condition is caused by an abnormally large build-up of fat in the liver, Healthline explains. This build-up interferes with the liver's ability to function. The liver attempts to repair itself, which causes permanent scarring called cirrhosis, which can be serious.

Most of the time individuals have no symptoms indicating fatty liver disease, Healthline states. Routine blood tests indicate liver enzyme levels which can be an indicator. Imaging such as ultrasound can actually see the fat build-up, but only a biopsy can confirm a fatty liver diagnosis.