What Are the Treatment Options for Excess Saliva?


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Prescription medications, Botox injections and surgery are treatment options for excess saliva, according to WebMD. The doctor selects treatment based on the cause of the excess saliva.

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The prescription medications glycopyrrolate and scopolamine reduce the amount of saliva that the body produces, explains WebMD. Difficult urination, dizziness, accelerated heartbeat, blurry vision and sleepiness are possible side effects of these medications.

For severe drooling, a doctor may inject Botox into a salivary gland, indicates WebMD. This can provide relief for a few months before another injection is necessary.

Surgical options to address severe drooling include removal of the salivary gland or rerouting a salivary duct, explains WebMD. These procedures provide a permanent solution to the excessive saliva.

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