What Are Some Treatment Options for Essential Tremors?


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Medications, therapy and surgery treat essential tremor, according to Mayo Clinic. Avoiding caffeine and alcohol may also relieve or reduce tremors. Mild symptoms of essential tremor that do not interfere with everyday activities typically do not require treatment.

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Beta blockers relieve tremors in some individuals but may not be an option for individuals suffering from heart issues or asthma, states Mayo Clinic. Side effects of beta blockers include heart problems, fatigue or lightheadedness. Anti-seizure medications, such as primidone, topiramate and gabapentin, treat essential tremors that do not respond to beta blockers. Short-term side effects of anti-seizure medications include nausea and drowsiness. Doctors sometimes use tranquilizers and Botox injections to treat essential tremors, but they use these medications with caution.

Physical therapy helps an individual improve muscle strength, coordination and control, and occupational therapists suggest ways to adjust everyday activities to deal with essential tremor. A surgical procedure called deep brain stimulation treats severely disabling tremors that do not respond to medications. This procedure places an electrical probe into the thalamus to send electrical pulses that interrupt brain signals causing tremors. Side effects of deep-brain stimulation include headache, balance issues, problems with speech and motor control, and weakness, but these occurrences are rare and discontinue after time or adjustments.

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