What Are the Treatment Options for Dysphagia?


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There are several treatment options for dysphagia, including exercises, change in diet, dilation, endoscopy, surgery or medicines, as stated by WebMD. The type of treatment prescribed depends on the particular cause of the dysphagia.

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Dysphagia is the difficulty or inability to swallow and is usually a symptom with some underlying cause, according to WebMD. Once a physician diagnoses the cause of the dysphagia, one or more treatments will be prescribed to improve or eliminate symptoms.

  • Exercises

    Those people with weak swallowing muscles may be given a set of exercises or even physical therapy to help them swallow better. These exercises can strengthen muscles and even teach patients how to swallow again.

  • Change in diet

     Some causes of dysphagia may be dietary, such as acid-reflux, while others aren't but a change in diet can make it easier to swallow food. The doctor will tell patients what foods and liquids to stick to.

  • Surgical options

    Dysphasia may also be caused by foreign objects or an esophageal ring. Foreign objects will be removed via endoscopy, while dilation via a small balloon helps treat esophageal rings. There are other surgeries available for dysphagia from different causes.

  • Medication

    The use of certain medications can help patients too. An infection in the throat may require antibiotics, while long-term acid reducers help control stomach acid that irritates the lining of the esophagus.

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