What Are the Treatment Options for Dry Mouth?


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Treatment options for dry mouth depend on the cause of dry mouth, but using different toothpaste or mouthwash and taking medication may help, explains WebMD. Making different lifestyle choices, such as drinking more water, can also help to treat dry mouth.

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What Are the Treatment Options for Dry Mouth?
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Drinking water can help to keep the mouth moist, and it can help to loosen mucus, claims WebMD. Sucking on ice chips or sugar-free candy or chewing sugarless gum are also actions that can treat dry mouth as these things increase the flow of saliva. If dry mouth is affecting eating, people may moisten food with other foods such as soup, cream, gravy, broth or butter. People with dry mouth can have more comfort when eating soft food that is cool or at room temperature.

When a person has dry mouth, it is also important to avoid certain things such as commercial mouth washes, salty foods, caffeine and alcohol, according to WebMD. Many commercial mouthwashes and rinses contain ingredients such as peroxide or alcohol, which can dry out the mouth. However, there are some mouthwashes and rinses made specifically for those with dry mouth. Avoiding salty or dry foods, such as toast, crackers or dry breads, is also important to keep dry mouth under control. People with dry mouth must also avoid drinking things with caffeine or alcohol, as both dry the mouth. It is also best to avoid acidic beverages, such as fruit or tomato juices.

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