What Are the Treatment Options for a Compression Fracture?


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Treatment options for spinal compression fractures are both surgical and non-surgical, and can include pain medication, reduced activity, medications to stabilize bone density and a good back brace to restrict movement, according to WebMD. Most fractures heal without requiring surgery.

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If osteoporosis is the cause of a spinal compression fracture, then treatment should deal with the pain, the fracture and the underlying osteoporosis, explains WebMD. Pain management may include analgesic pain medications, bed rest, back bracing and physical activity. In cases of osteoporosis, prolonged periods of inactivity should be avoided to prevent further bone loss. Bone-strengthening drugs are vital for the prevention of further compression fractures.

When non-surgical treatments for spinal compression fractures are insufficient, then surgical procedures such as vertebroplasty, kyphoplasty or spinal fusion surgery are available, states WebMD. Spinal fusion surgery is usually the last resort.

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