What Are the Treatment Options for Colonic Polyps?


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Colonic polyps are generally removed during a colonoscopy or sigmoidoscopy, and then examined to see if they are a type that might develop into cancer, according to WebMD. If large polyps are found, surgery may be necessary.

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A colonoscopy is necessary if adenomatous polyps are found during a sigmoidoscopy. During the colonoscopy, the doctor will look at the rest of the colon and remove any other polyps that are found. Likewise, if sessile polyps are detected, they will be removed during a sigmoidoscopy or colonoscopy. If hyperplastic polyps are found during a sigmoidoscopy, a colonoscopy is usually not required, as these polyps do not become cancerous.

If large polyps with a broad area of attachment are found, surgery may be required, as they may turn cancerous and can't be safely removed during a colonoscopy.

If cancerous polyps are found, treatment for colorectal cancer should begin.

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