What Are Some Treatment Options for Cirrhosis?


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The treatment options for cirrhosis usually depends on what is causing the scar tissue to appear in the first place, according to Mayo Clinic. For example, if a patient's cirrhosis is caused by alcohol abuse, the patient may have to stop drinking and receive treatment for alcohol dependency.

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If trying to stop drinking alcohol becomes to difficult, one's doctor may place the patient on a special program designed for alcohol addiction, states Mayo Clinic. If a person's cirrhosis appears as a result of fatty liver disease, the patient may be told to lose weight and begin living a more healthy lifestyle. The patient may also be told to monitor and control her blood sugar levels more closely.

Other causes of cirrhosis, such as hepatitis, can be treated with medicines, states Mayo Clinic. These medicines may help slow the spread of scar tissue, especially if the condition is found early enough.

In advanced cases of cirrhosis, a liver transplant may be necessary. This usually occurs when the liver has stopped functioning entirely. The transplant procedure aims to replace the nonfunctioning liver with a healthy liver from a recently deceased person. However, before a transplant can be recommended, extensive testing must first be conducted to see if the candidate is healthy enough for the surgery. Doctors may also require the recipient to abstain from alcohol for up to six months if the cause of the cirrhosis was alcohol.

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