What Are Some Treatment Options for Chronic Thoracic Spine Pain?


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Doctors may recommend prescription medications, muscle relaxants, antidepressants or steroid shots to treat chronic back pain, according to WebMD. However, doctors and scientists know less about thoracic spine pain compared to issues with the cervical and lumbar areas, claims About.com.

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About.com recommends seeing a chiropractor, physician, massage or physical therapist to have thoracic spine pain treated, as these professions have the most experience with this type of chronic pain. Treatment for back pain in this area depends on how bad the symptoms are and if they prevent one from doing daily tasks, notes WebMD.

Spine-health recommends using imaging and relaxation techniques to deal with chronic pain. These techniques include altered focus, dissociation, sensory splitting and mental analgesia. For the altered focus method, one focuses the attention on a random body part and attempts to change the sensations of that part with the mind, such as warming it up. This method helps take attention away from the part of the body that hurts.

The dissociation method works by using the mind to separate the painful body part from the rest of the body, explains Spine-health. For example, a patient imagines that the pained body part is sitting across the room and tries telling it to stay there.

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