What Are the Treatment Options for Cancer of the Bladder?


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Surgery, intravesical therapy, radiation therapy and chemotherapy are all common treatments for bladder cancer, according to the American Cancer Society. Urologists, radiation oncologists and medical oncologists are usually all part of the treatment of bladder cancer.

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What Are the Treatment Options for Cancer of the Bladder?
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The first step in treating bladder cancer is usually surgery, explains the American Cancer Society. Surgery is usually successful when used to treat bladder cancer in the early stages, but bladder cancer has a high chance of coming back. Since this is the case, it is common for other treatments, such as radiation or chemotherapy, to be used in conjunction with surgery. If other treatments are not given at the time, a doctor often monitors the patient very closely for signs of the cancer spreading.

It is important for people to talk to a doctor about the proper treatment method for bladder cancer, claims the American Cancer Society. Just because surgery is the most common treatment, it doesn't mean it is right for every situation. Treatment methods usually depend on the stage and type of bladder cancer that has been detected. People are advised to talk to a doctor about side effects and complications of all planned treatments. It is also helpful for those who have recently been diagnosed with bladder cancer to get a second opinion if time permits. Another doctor or team may have a better plan based on that individual's age, health and personal preference.

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