What Are Some Treatment Options for Blepharitis?


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Blepharitis treatment options depend on the type of blepharitis, according to the American Optometric Association. Treatment for inflammation of the eyelids generally involves keeping the eyelids clean and free of crusts.

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An individual with blepharitis can keep the eyelids clean by limiting or discontinuing the use of eye makeup, advises the American Optometric Association. To loosen any crusts, the individual can apply warm compresses to the area. Then the eye areas should be gently scrubbed with a combination of water and baby shampoo, or an over-the-counter eyelid cleanser. Sometimes the eyelids need to be massaged to remove excess oil in their glands.

Antibiotics, artificial tear solutions or lubricating ointments may be prescribed for some individuals with blepharitis, states the American Optometric Association. Other treatments that may help include using anti-dandruff shampoo on the scalp and temporarily not wearing contact lenses. Sometimes blepharitis needs more complex treatment.

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