What Are Some Treatment Options for Balanitis?


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Treatment options for balanitis include taking antibiotics medications and applying anti-itch cream, states Healthline. Applying creams that contain steroids to the affected area may help as well. Prior to treatment, people with balanitis should avoid using soaps, powders and lotions that cause irritation.

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Antibiotics help to treat infections that result from balanitis, counteracting discharge, itching, inflammation and swelling, explains Healthline. Over-the-counter and prescription ant-itch creams aid in relieving inflammation and itching.

Poor hygiene is the most common of balantis, reports Healthline. Other causes include injuries, certain medications and, less frequently, sexually transmitted diseases and uncontrolled diabetes. Cleaning the penis with scented soaps, applying scented lotions to the penis, not rinsing soap off properly after bathing and using harsh soaps may cause irritation in the penis, leading to the problem.

Symptoms include swelling and redness of the foreskin, and painful genitals, states Healthline. Additional symptoms include itching in the genital area, discharge and painful urinating. To diagnose balantis, doctors perform a physical examination. If discharge is present, doctors may test a sample for the presence of viral, bacterial or fungal cells. In some cases, doctors may order a biopsy to test tissue in the penis for signs of disease.

If left untreated, balanitis may cause allergic dermatitis, scarring in the opening of the penis or interference with blood supply to the penis, states Healthline. Cleaning and drying the penis after bathing, and avoiding using irritants on the penis may help prevent the problem.

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