What are some treatment options for advanced metastatic prostate cancer?


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Treatment for advanced metastatic prostate cancer includes endocrine therapy, chemotherapy and a vaccine known as Provenge, claims WebMD. Other treatments include luteinizing hormone-releasing analogs and antagonists, and anti-androgens.

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Hormonal therapy is a primary treatment for metastatic prostate cancer. LHRH analogs or antagonists and anti-androgens are hormonal therapies that block the signals between the brain and testes, according to Cancer Care.

Due to the signal being blocked by LHRH drugs, doctors add anti-androgens with the drugs to stop the testosterone in the blood from attaching to tumor cells, says Cancer Care. Chemotherapy is commonly used for men with either fast-rising prostate-specific antigen, also known as PSA, levels, whose metastatic cancer is progressing rapidly, or for those who are developing symptoms of the cancer. Provenge is an injection that enables the body to use its own white blood cells to fight off the cancer cells.

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