What Is a Treatment for Numbness in Hands?


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A treatment for numbness in the hands depends on the cause of the numbness, such as diabetes, which is treated by controlling blood sugar, claims WebMD. Numbness in the hands can be treated as long as the peripheral nerve cells are intact.

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If the numbness in the hand is caused by an acquired condition, such as diabetes, treatment can help to improve the numbness, according to WebMD. In the case of numbness caused by a vitamin deficiency, for instance, the treatment is a vitamin-supplement regiment. There are also some medications, such as those used to treat depression and seizures, that may work well to ease the numbness and tingling in the hands. If the cause of numbness in the hand is not immediately known, a series of tests may be performed before treatment begins.

There are general lifestyle changes that a person can make to improve numbness in the hands, explains WebMD. For example, maintaining a healthy weight, avoiding exposure to toxic substances and exercising may help to relieve numbness. Eating a healthy diet and limiting alcohol is also recommended. If a person smokes, quitting smoking can also help to eliminate numbness in the hands. Smoking constricts blood vessels, and this limits the amount of nutrients that the peripheral nerves receive.

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