Is Any Treatment Needed for a Bloodshot Eye?


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Unless accompanied by pain, injury, sensitivity, discharge or vision changes, a bloodshot eye typically requires no treatment, states the Mayo Clinic. However, if redness of the eye lasts more than two days, treatment may be needed.

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Bloodshot eyes occur when the vessels of the white part of the eye become inflamed, explains University of Maryland Medical Center. Dilated or swollen veins of the eye have several common causes. Environmental issues such as dry air, sun exposure and dust often cause redness of the eyes. Fatigue, allergies and eye strain can also cause the eyes to appear bloodshot. Although none of these causes requires treatment, removing oneself from the source of the problem and resting are recommended.

Other causes like infection, foreign objects, diseases and injury do require treatment, according to the National Institutes of Health. In these instances, redness of the eye is a symptom of a more severe problem. Pink eye, or bacterial conjunctivitis, is an infection of the clear tissue of the eye in which symptoms include light sensitivity, itching and discharge. Treatment with antibiotic eye drops is required and must be prescribed by a doctor. If injury or an object in the eye is causing redness and pain, medical treatment is recommended. Certain diseases like acute glaucoma, a sudden rise in pressure of the eye, can cause redness but is also accompanied by pain and visual problems. Therefore, treatment for bloodshot eyes is determined by what other symptoms are present, reports the Mayo Clinic.

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