Is There Any Treatment for Mouth Blisters?


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Treatments for mouth blisters include home remedies such as avoiding spicy and acidic foods, taking over-the-counter ibuprofen or acetaminophen, and using nonprescription ointments such as Abreva or Orajel. Physicians may prescribe anti-viral medications to speed healing or anesthetic gels to provide pain relief, states WebMD.

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Is There Any Treatment for Mouth Blisters?
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Mouth blisters usually go away within two weeks, but can sometimes persist for up to six weeks. Acyclovir cream 5 percent may reduce the duration of a blister. When applied soon after a blister develops, Abreva and Zilactin may also speed the healing process. In addition to avoiding foods that are spicy, salty and acidic, temporary relief may be achieved by applying ice to the sore, gargling with salt water or using Blistex, reports MedlinePlus.

If a blister develops immediately after starting a new medication, lasts longer than two weeks, or is accompanied by fever, skin rash, difficulty swallowing or drooling, then a medical professional should be contacted immediately, cautions MedlinePlus. Physicians typically perform a thorough examination of the patient and may treat the infected area by numbing it with lidocaine or applying a paste such as Aphthasol to reduce swelling. If the mouth blister has been present less than 48 hours, physicians may prescribe anti-virals such as Zovirax or Valtrex, which are effective in healing the blister when treated early.

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