What Is the Treatment for Mono?


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WebMD cites that most people recover from mononucleosis after a few weeks, asserting that bed rest is the most widely used treatment. Additionally, WebMD includes the administration of ibuprofen, acetaminophen and steroids to address the discomfort of the illness, which may include fever, sore throat and fatigue. MedicineNet defines infectious mononucleosis as a contagious illness caused by the Epstein-Barr virus.

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What Is the Treatment for Mono?
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MedicineNet explains that mononucleosis can cause liver inflammation, referred to as hepatitis, and enlargement of the spleen. For these reason, WebMD stresses that bed rest with a gradual return to normal activity levels is important, since the spleen is more susceptible to rupture in an enlarged state. Therefore, WebMD also warns that contact sports such as football and soccer should be avoided for at least several weeks.

MedicineNet cites that most adults have laboratory evidence indicative of previous infection and are immune to further infection. WebMD asserts that there is no real way to prevent exposure to mononucleosis and suggests that the best solution is to maintain a healthy immune system by way of diet, exercise and rest in order to reduce the severity of symptoms once contracted. MedicineNet also notes that people who have had mononucleosis can continue to shed virus particles in their saliva throughout their lifetime.

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