What Is a Treatment for Molluscum?


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Most cases of molluscum contagiosum do not require treatment, according to WebMD. Instead, the bumps clear up by themselves within six to nine months. Some bumps may take years to clear, and doctors may also prescribe treatments for those that appear in the genital area.

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Molluscum contagiosum is a viral skin infection that leads to small painless bumps appearing on the skin, according to Mayo Clinic. It's more common in children than adults and usually clears up on its own. WebMD states that there are some medical alternatives to leaving the bumps alone. This includes cryotherapy to freeze them, curettage for cutting the bumps off, using chemicals to remove them, and using wart treatments. WebMD also advises parents who are seeking treatments for their children to consult a doctor first, as some treatments may result in scarring.

Mayo Clinic highlights ways to stop molluscum contagiosum spreading. This includes not scratching the bumps or removing the heads, as this can cause them to appear in nearby areas. In addition, parents should prevent their children from sharing items such as towels, as this increases the risk of cross contamination. Finally, WebMD states that this condition is more common in hot and humid climates.

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