What Is the Treatment for Mastitis?


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Treatment for mastitis usually involves a 10-day to 14-day course of antibiotics along with mild pain relievers. Mayo Clinic adds that patients may also need to adjust their breastfeeding techniques and practice good self-care that includes resting and drinking additional fluids to combat the infection.

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What Is the Treatment for Mastitis?
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Mastitis, an infection of the breast tissue that commonly affects breastfeeding women, often causes symptoms such as breast tenderness, swelling of the breast, fever and a general feeling of illness. Individuals may also experience continuous breast pain or a burning sensation during breast feeding, and redness may occur on the breast in a wedge-shaped pattern, according to Mayo Clinic. Individuals are encouraged to contact their doctor immediately upon recognizing symptoms. If symptoms do not improve after two days of taking prescribed antibiotics, the symptoms may be a result of a more serious problem.

Factors that may increase a woman's chance of developing mastitis include cracked nipples, breastfeeding during the first several weeks following childbirth, becoming fatigued, wearing tight-fitting bras and breastfeeding from a position that does not fully drain the milk from the breast. Mayo Clinic adds that women who already experienced mastitis in the past are more likely to develop it again. Mastitis is generally diagnosed through a physical exam and an inventory of symptoms.

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