What Is the Treatment for Mange?


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Mange can be treated with different methods, depending on the dog's breed: topical creams applied onto the infected area, medication given orally, injections or a dip and shampoo, as stated by VCA Animal Hospitals. Keeping the dog in quarantine is the first important step to avoid transmission to humans and other pets. The prescribed medication should be used as stated by the veterinarian.

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The veterinarian usually prescribes anti-parasitic medications along with other medications for reducing inflammation, itching and other infections. In some cases, medicated shampoos may be necessary for treating secondary health conditions. Many skin medications can be dangerous to a pet, so regular use of the medication is not advised. Pet owners should consult a veterinarian before using any medication on their dogs.

Mange tends to clear up fully in younger dogs than adult dogs. Since there are different types of mange, it is necessary for a veterinarian to conduct tests to clearly identify the condition before prescribing the proper treatment. Dogs suffering from demodectic mange should not breed since this condition is hereditary, as stated by WebMD. Mange is a parasitic skin condition caused by microscopic mites. The common mange in dogs is the demodectic mange, and it occurs due to an immature immune system.

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