What Is the Treatment for Low Platelets During Pregnancy?


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The treatment for low platelets during pregnancy is determined by the cause and magnitude of the problem. While the infusion of intravenous immunoglobulins and spleen removal work in more severe cases, steroid tablets can be used in less severe cases, claims MedicineNet.

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Steroid tablets suppress the immune system, thus deactivating the destruction of platelets, claims MedicineNet. Intravenous immunoglobulins should be used to suppress the immune system to prevent damaging the platelets. In extremely severe cases, the removal of the spleen may be necessary to treat low platelet level. If the low platelet count is caused by a drug, the patient should cease taking the drug to prevent further reduction of the platelets.

Doctors often prescribe corticosteroids to raise platelet levels, and prednisone is most commonly selected, states WebMD. The patient normally takes a prednisone tablet once a day and continues until the platelet level improves. It usually takes one to two weeks, after which the doctor gradually reduces the dose over a period of four to eight weeks. Side effects, such as disturbed sleep, weight gain, puffy cheeks and frequent urination are associated with prednisone, especially if used for a prolonged period. Other side effects include acne and decreased bone density.

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