What Is the Best Treatment for Leg Nerve Pain?


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Leg nerve pain can be treated through surgical means, but chiropractic manipulation and anti-inflammatory drugs can lessen the symptoms of a pinched sciatic nerve, reports Spine-health. If the nerve pain is due to piriformis syndrome, regular stretching and exercises of the hip joint can provide significant relief.

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During acute attacks of nerve pain in the legs, cold or heat therapy can provide immediate relief, reports Spine-health. The heat can soothe aches, while ice packs can reduce the inflammation compressing the nerve root. These therapies should be used for twenty minutes and repeated every two hours if needed. Nonsteroidal, anti-inflammatory medications are commonly used to ease nerve pain by reducing the inflammation around the compressed nerve.

Steroidal injections into the lower back work in roughly 50 percent of pinched sciatic nerve cases. These can provide long-term relief for up to a year and are often used to allow the patient to resume physical therapy. Surgical means are used only when these initial less-invasive treatments have failed, and it often involves removing disk or bone material impinging on the sciatic nerve, states Spine-health.

In the case of nerve pain caused by a tight piriformis muscle, a stretching routine can provide relief, adds Spine-health. These stretches serve to relieve tension in the piriformis muscle, which lays over the sciatic nerve. Hamstring stretches are recommended, but the sides of the buttocks must be stretched as well. A patient can lie on his back and place his right heel on his left knee. He then pulls his left knee toward the left shoulder to stretch the muscle. This must be repeated on both sides.

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