What Is the Best Treatment for Jalapeno Pepper Burns on the Skin?


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The best treatment for jalapeno pepper burns that are on the skin is to wash the affected area with soap and water, and then dip it in vegetable oil, as reported by WebMD. Other recommendations that have been made by Just-Health.net include soaking the affected area in milk, lemon or lime juice, aloe vera, baking soda, cold compresses, toothpaste, alcohol and other soothing agents. The effectiveness of the different recommendations will vary for each individual.

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The burning sensation from the jalapeno peppers come from the chemical known as capsaicin that it naturally contains within its oils. When the capsaicin comes into contact with the skin, it will cause a biological reaction that feels similar to a burning sensation.

Vegetable oil is an effective solution in providing relief for the burning sensation experienced because capsaicin is soluble in oil. The capsaicin oil will be extracted from the surface of the skin, which is a semi-permeable membrane for oil, and be trapped within the vegetable oil. Other recommendations like milk will function differently. Milk contains a protein known as casein, which neutralizes the capsaicin oil.

The best solution possible is prevention. To prevent feeling any burning sensation when dealing with jalapeno peppers, wear rubber gloves.

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