What Is the Treatment for Inguinal Hernia?


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The only treatment and cure for an inguinal hernia is surgery to repair the hernia, according to WebMD. Surgical hernia repair prevents the risk of strangulation, a process where a loop of intestine wraps tightly in a hernia cutting the blood supply off and killing tissue.

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Small hernias within adult patients may not call for any treatment or surgery if the hernia is painless, according to WebMD. However, children and infants should have surgery to repair a hernia because of the increased risks of strangulation and incarceration, which may prevent stool from passing through, resulting in abdominal swelling, vomiting, pain and nausea.

People with severe medical conditions may choose against having surgery after consultation with a physician or surgeon, according to WebMD. Conditions such as uncontrolled diabetes or ailments that cause straining to pass stools or excessive coughing may need to be treated before surgery to reduce the risk of a hernia recurring again after repair.

Two common types of surgery exist for an inguinal hernia, according to WebMD. An open inguinal hernia repair involves the surgeon making a single long incision in the groin to push the bulging hernia back into place. The hernia may also be pushed back, removed or tied off. A laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair involves inserting a thin, lighted scope through an incision in the lower abdomen and using instruments to repair the hernia. Mesh is typically placed within the body to reinforce the belly wall.

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