What Is the Treatment for Ileus?


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While ileus often requires hospitalization, most doctors take a conservative approach, observing the patient and allowing the situation to resolve itself. If the ileus continues for more than two days, the doctor may prescribe medication to cause contractions of the intestines or treat underlying conditions, according to Mayo Clinic.

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Other options for treatment include the use of nasogastric suction, no foods by mouth and intravenous fluids, explains the Merck Manual Professional Edition. Doctors use clinical evaluations and X-rays in the diagnosis of ileus. If the cause of the obstruction is not readily apparent, doctors may order an enhanced CT scan to distinguish between an obstruction and ileus.

Paralytic ileus is usually a temporary condition that stops the normal contractions of the intestines. These contractions move food and fluids through the digestive tract. It is sometimes due to illness or medication, reports Mayo Clinic. Treating the underlying condition or changing the medication is often necessary to resolve the condition.

Paralytic ileus has the symptoms of a mechanical obstruction of the intestines, but there is nothing physically blocking the passage of food. It may be caused by abdominal or pelvic surgery, diseases such as Parkinsonメs or medication prescribed by a doctor to treat depression or pain. It may affect any part of the intestine, notes Mayo Clinic.

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