What Are Some Treatment Ideas for Warts on the Feet?


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Over-the-counter remedies and duct tape are used for treating warts on the feet. Additionally, liquid nitrogen, laser and surgery are wart-removal treatments that are provided by a doctor, states WebMD. Strengthening the immune system with medications is also used for clearing the body of the virus that causes warts.

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Over-the-counter wart treatments typically contain salicylic acid. Salicylic acid treatments work by peeling the wart from the foot, according to Mayo Clinic. This form of treatment is effective approximately 50 percent of the time, states WebMD.

Placing silver duct tape on a wart for six days, removing the tape, and then soaking the wart in water before filing it away with an emery board may be effective in some cases. If necessary, this procedure can be repeated until the wart is gone, explains Mayo Clinic.

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