What Is the Treatment for Hip Fractures?


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Hip fracture treatment usually involves surgery, medication and rehabilitation. Options for surgery include repairing the natural joint with screws, a partial replacement or a total hip replacement. Prior damage to the joint or damage to the ball portion of the joint determines if a prosthesis is necessary, according to Mayo Clinic.

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Once the surgery is complete, the treatment process moves forward to physical and occupational therapy. The treatment helps the patient to regain strength and resume normal activities. In some cases, patients are not able to move as well after a hip fracture, and they may require a cane or walker. The injury may leave the patient needing assistance with bathing or dressing, explains WebMD. However, rehabilitation therapists help the patient to learn new and more efficient ways to meet his own needs and stay active as a part of his treatment.

One of five people who suffer a hip fracture experiences a second one within 24 months, states Mayo Clinic. Treatment using medication helps to reduce the chance of the second fracture. The doctor may order oral bisphosphonates, but these medications have side effects. Intravenous therapy with the medication helps to relieve some of the side effects on the digestive system but does not relieve the problems associated with long-term treatment using the medication.

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