What Is the Treatment for Hematoma Under the Nails?

A subungual hematoma, or bleeding under the nail, is treated by cautery or decompression, says WebMD. However, most subungual hematomas are not serious and heal on their own.

A subungual hematoma usually requires treatment if the pressure of the blood causes considerable pain, explains WebMD. In these cases, a medical professional numbs the area and pierces the nail with a large needle to relieve the pressure. He can also burn a hole through the nail with a hot wire, a method called cautery. The nail is then bandaged to finish healing. The patient elevates and ices the area for several hours immediately following the procedure.

More serious hematomas can require the removal of the fingernail and stitches to the wound, advises WebMD. Often, a fingernail falls off following a subungual hematoma, regrowing over the course of a few months.

Subundual hematomas usually occur when an individual slams his finger in a door or hits it with a hard object, explains WebMD. Blood starts pooling beneath the nail following the injury, resulting in tenderness around the nail and a throbbing sensation. Severe injuries need to be checked out with a medical professional to rule out possible broken bones or more severe damage to the finger.