Is There a Treatment That Helps Back Pain Due to Kidney Failure?


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Back pain due to kidney failure is treated by first identifying the cause of the kidney stress, according to WebMD. After appropriately treating the disease itself, doctors may treat the associated back pain, also known as flank pain, with ibuprofen, Toradol or acetaminophen.

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Acute kidney injury is caused by a drop in blood flow to the kidneys, sudden blockage, or damage from medicines, poisons or infections, explains WebMD. A kidney specialist may order blood and urine tests, or an ultrasound, to determine how well a patient's kidneys are performing. Once the cause of the kidney injury is identified, the specialist takes appropriate action to restore blood flow to the kidneys, stop any problem medicines, or remove or bypass a blockage in the urinary tract. Dialysis may be required to stop waste from building up in the body. Antibiotics are used to treat infection, if present. Other medicines may be prescribed to rid the body of extra fluid and keep the body's minerals in balance.

Patients with known kidney disease and compromised renal function are generally not treated with pain medications that are filtered through the kidneys, since this may cause further renal damage, according to MedicineNet. In addition to ibuprofen, Toradol and acetaminophen, a doctor may prescribe small amounts of morphine, in the case of kidney stones.

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