What Is the Treatment for Hand Eczema?


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The National Eczema Association states that corticosteroid ointments are often prescribed to treat the symptoms of hand eczema. Tacrolimus and pimecrolimus are alternative ointments with fewer side effects than corticosteroids. Both must be used in conjunction with sunscreens. Common treatment plans also include avoiding allergens and making lifestyle changes to improve skin health.

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What Is the Treatment for Hand Eczema?
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The National Eczema Association recommends starting treatment for hand eczema early for better results. Extended outbreaks thicken the skin, making the eczema more difficult to treat. Allergies and chemical sensitivities cause some forms of hand eczema. Doctors perform a patch test when evaluating eczema to check for allergies. When chemical sensitivities are present, treatment includes choosing different products or wearing gloves to avoid contact with problem substances.

According to the National Eczema Association, improving general skin health helps clear up eczema outbreaks and minimizes future outbreaks. They recommend keeping hands dry as much as possible. Patients improve skin health by minimizing hand washing, choosing gentle soaps and moisturizing regularly. Waterproof gloves keep hands dry during wet chores. Soft cotton gloves protect hand skin during dry chores.

Hand eczema takes a long time to clear up, according to the National Eczema Association. Patients need to continue their treatment routine even after their skin condition improves. This includes avoiding irritants at home and work, using prescribed medications as necessary and following a regular moisturizing routine with protective moisturizer.

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