What Is a Treatment for a Hamstring Injury?


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Treatment for a hamstring injury includes rest, ice, compression and elevation. Use of anti-inflammatory drugs, including acetaminophen, ibuprofen or naproxen, helps to reduce swelling and pain. WebMD suggest speaking with a doctor to determine if stretching and strengthening exercises are appropriate. In some cases, serious hamstring injuries require surgery to reattach the torn muscle.

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What Is a Treatment for a Hamstring Injury?
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Hamstring injuries involve pulling one of the hamstring muscles in the leg. They are most common in sports that require sprinting with sudden stops, such as football, but runners and dancers also experience hamstring injuries. Once the injury occurs, it is essential to give it time to heal before returning to the sport. Recurrent injuries are sometimes more serious than the initial one, according to Mayo Clinic.

Although mild hamstring injuries do not always cause a lot of pain, severe ones cause a great deal of pain. WebMD indicates a severe injury sometimes makes it impossible for affected individuals to stand or walk, and attempting to walk often causes a popping sensation in the leg. Doctors generally diagnose these injuries using a physical examination and by determining how the injury occurred.

Prevention of hamstring injuries involves conditioning before playing a sport. Warm-up and stretching exercises help to minimize the chance of an injury. When working a job with high risk for a hamstring injury, individuals should speak with their doctors concerning appropriate conditioning exercises, according to Mayo Clinic.

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