What Is the Best Treatment for Diarrhea in Babies?


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The best treatment for babies with diarrhea involves the use of an oral rehydration solution with electrolytes and fluids to prevent dehydration, according to WebMD. If babies are eating solid foods, they should avoid anything that can aggravate diarrhea, such as dairy products, sweets or high-fiber foods.

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What Is the Best Treatment for Diarrhea in Babies?
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Changes to a solid-food diet include adding starchy, bland choices, such as applesauce, rice cereal and strained bananas. Breastfeeding mothers may have to remove trigger foods from their own diets, reports WebMD.

If a baby's diarrhea becomes severe and causes dehydration, the doctor is likely to recommend an IV fluid drip in a hospital until electrolyte and fluid levels rebalance. If the cause is a bacterial infection, the doctor is likely to prescribe an antibiotic medication, or he prescribes an antiparasitic medication if a parasite is the cause of the diarrhea, notes WebMD.

If the cause of a baby's diarrhea is a bacterial or viral infection, it is highly contagious. Each time a parent changes his baby's diaper, he must wash his hands with soap and warm water to prevent spreading of the infection. It is also important to keep the changing area disinfected and clean. Babies with diarrhea should not go to day care until the condition is completely gone, as stated by WebMD.

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