What Is the Treatment for Diabetic Nerve Pain?


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There are many treatments for diabetic nerve pain such as regular exercise, warm water treatments, vitamin B regimens and over-the-counter pain relievers, states WebMD. Hot chili peppers, ground and added to capsaicin cream, also helps to ease nerve pain.

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What Is the Treatment for Diabetic Nerve Pain?
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A diabetic can manage nerve pain by properly caring for her feet, WebMD explains. Much of the pain begins in the feet and is caused with regular use because a diabetic often does not feel those things that injure the feet. For instance, a diabetic can step on a sharp rock and not at first realize it until the pain later. Wearing comfortable shoes and inspecting the feet help to prevent this. When the feet do ache, they can be soaked in warm water to relieve pain.

Experts believe that walking and regular exercise help to heal damaged and painful nerves, says WebMD. B vitamins help to keep the nerves healthy, so a diabetic needs to eat food rich in vitamins and take vitamin supplements. If pain persists, there are over-the-counter medications and botanical oils that soothe nerve pain. For instance, a diabetic can take primrose oil supplements to repair nerves or spread geranium oil over the affected area to reduce pain.

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